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The roar can be seen from the top of the hill at the entrance to the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Washington, D.C., Monday, April 18, 2016.

Part of one of the cell blocks has been preserved at the Old Allegheny County Jail Museum. The Historical Society also provides a reconstructed library house at the foot of the mountain and a library house on a hill in a former prison.

It is completely free to visit the Old Allegheny County Jail Museum, the Library House and the Old Prison itself.

If you're traveling downtown on a Monday, check out the Old Allegheny County Jail Museum, where faculty are available to tell the story of this historic building. Take a tour of Pittsburgh's public art and see why Pittsburgh consistently ranks among the best art destinations in the country. Don't miss the opportunity to browse the tempting shops and meet family - friendly hands - at free public art activities. Tours created by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation are a great way to experience Pittsburgh's rich architectural history.

The log cabins are open for guided tours on Sundays in summer, so for most of us it would be a good option to schedule your visit to coincide with that.

If you are a beginner or don't want to venture into winter fun, Boyce Park is a great place to explore the slopes for skiing and snowtubing. We recently went for a few hikes in the park and enjoyed the densely wooded and quiet trails that feature some of the best markings of a park in Allegheny County. The paths are sometimes a bit repetitive, as there are remarkable highlights on many of them.

We visited four different downtown areas to learn surprising stories from the past and see some of the best classic and modern skyscrapers. We learned about the history behind the apple-shaped benches in Old City Park and settled down for a coffee and a legendary lunch at one of the most famous restaurants, PNC Bank.

Boyce Park is also one of the features in this amazing book, so see if you can take a selfie with one! We drove down the McArdle Roadway to Mt. Washington to see why USA Weekend is called "the vantage point" and discovered the best views from this scenic vantage point. In this series we have worked our way up to the top of Mount Washington, the highest point in the United States.

Plum has the highest percentage of men who have never been married and the second - the most places in the area that are a married couple or family (84%). We looked at the number of plum households run by a married couple and it shows that "never married, divorced or widowed" is broken down into the number of single adult women in this area. Plum, Pennsylvania, has more than twice as many unmarried women as never-married men and a higher percentage than any other Pennsylvania county with a man who has never been married. It has one of the lowest rates of unmarried people of any state, averaging 1.5%.

Plum, Pennsylvania, is the second-largest state in terms of the number of single adults without children under 18, and has a total of 10.

Key findings in the chart include: Plum, Pennsylvania, has 16 and 9.6% of single adults without children under 18, the second highest in the state, behind Allegheny County, Pa.

The next demographic analysis looks at the largest population groups of plums and can be useful for employment - related research on the demographics of the plum population. In Plum, Pennsylvania, the median age is broken down by sex, as shown in the table below, which shows the age distribution of the population of non-citizens and citizens in Plum. The population born outside the country, or immigrant population, is about one-fifth the size of Pennsylvania and provides more information about their age by comparing the median age of citizens and immigrants.

Pennsylvania has many incredible places to live, so choose wisely and be aware that there is a nearby city that better fits your lifestyle. Using Liviability Scores, which include things like the number of restaurants, parks, and other amenities in a city, you can easily compare and determine where you can best live in Plum by taking the city's average and median household income and median family income.

When it comes to plum pizza places, Domino's is the place to be if you want to save money and get tasty food to your liking. The chicken wings have been out since 2011, as have the marbles, which is good, and there is a wide selection of pizza options in the restaurant, as well as a wide range of toppings.

You'll also find hundreds of artifacts and high-tech exhibits celebrating the popular sandwich that Jim Delligatti invented in nearby Uniontown more than 40 years ago. It was built in 1764 and is the oldest preserved building in the United States and one of the oldest buildings in Pittsburgh. Originally, it was expanded into a museum that includes an exhibition about Pittsburgh's history and its history as a city.

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More About Plum Borough